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Factsheets are a critical part of the Fund Management industry, and often the first place an investor looks in order to learn about your funds. It’s essential that the information is presented concisely, whilst also remaining compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Factsheets should also serve to make your brand stand out from the crowd in look, feel and presentation. This is why an increasing number of Fund Management companies are seeking a personal touch when creating these key documents. Many are turning to Perivan to
make their brand stand out with our tailored design service. Automation has proved relatively successful, with argued benefits in the speed and efficiency of production. This comes at a price however, with large set-up costs, on-going fees and costs to make changes. The results are generally underwhelming: a standard templated approach that doesn’t distinguish your factsheets from your competitors. Fund Management companies go to great lengths to explain why their investment approach is different, so why settle for generic factsheets that look the same as everybody else’s?

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Perivan has a longstanding history in the design, creation and production of key financial documents – we work with our clients to seek out the key drivers and narrative of the fund and translate that into a thought provoking and impactful design. Our clients work directly with one of our creative directors, who are on call to discuss changing requirements and demands. We can create bespoke factsheets as well as thematic ones, perhaps around ESG or some other key attribute of the fund or funds in question. If something needs to be changed, that can happen immediately and with no fuss. We know that your business is different, so we don’t offer a
‘one size fits all’ approach.

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