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Signed, sealed and delivered.

Preparing literature for mail can be a lengthy process, and let’s face it, probably not the best use of your time. Perivan can service all of your mail fulfilment needs, streamlining the process and getting your key messages out there faster.

Whether it’s a UK-based campaign or literature which needs distributing across the globe, our team are more than happy to help deliver.

Tight deadline? No problem. Perivan is a 24-hour business. Our team work around the clock to ensure our clients’ requirements are met.

Mail fulfilment with Enable

We can support a variety of mailings. For extra speed and precision, this can be achieved by using Enable – our document update software solution, suitable for those with no design experience. Simply update your artwork on your custom, pre-built brand templates, securely upload your mailing data, review your proofs and approve.


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