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Streamline your document updates with Enable.

Perivan’s Enable software supports clients with a centralised technology gateway to manage and support the updating of business critical documents through the use of smart templates – no design skills necessary.

We truly believe technology is put to its best use when it’s helping to override time-consuming, manual processes. Enable provides a simple solution by allowing you to take control over updates to your artwork and sending this to print.

Used by many leading institutions, Enable provides embedded cost centre management, brand integrity, granular approval chains and enhanced version control. Enable can be fully tailored to your brand so it meets your exact requirements. Not only this, Enable adapts as your business requirements change and your business grows, making it a future-proof investment.

How does Enable work?

  • We provide pre-built templates for your brand.
  • Simplifies design: You’re able to select and upload pre-approved content into on-brand templates. For example: text, images or charts. Enable can house all of your brand assets.
  • Print-on-demand with a printer of our recommendation, or your own printer (the choice is yours).
  • Securely upload any associated data for artwork personalisation. Enable is GDPR and EU Information Security criteria compliant.
  • Proofs are provided so you can approve with complete confidence.

What sort of artwork can I update?

  • PDF documents
  • Proposals
  • Direct mail letters
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Flipbooks
  • Social media images
  • and plenty more – no design skills required.

What are the benefits of using Enable?

  1. Risk and Compliance – with your own centralised library of approved content and literature, Enable provides reassurance that only the most up to date documentation is being used.
  2. Marketing – a global view of all print and digital output allows the streamlining of marketing processes, improves time to market, vendor management, quality control and brand management.
  3. Sales – ensure that the latest sales materials are available to download and publish instantaneously.
  4. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) – the development of a holistic strategy around environmental policies can be more easily managed once you have a truly global view of your activities.
  5. Costs – Enable allows your team members to focus on creative and fee earning work, while Enable takes care of procuring your marketing and sales materials.
  6. Innovation – digital business cards are becoming a reality for clients, thanks to Enable. We’re always innovating to discover exciting new ways our clients can make an impact by staying ahead of the curve.
  7. Integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) – With an integrated DAM files can be shared across your team and with external collaborators. Once you’ve onboarded the Chorus DAM platform you can create, sync, store, find and share your assets securely – wherever you are. With Enable you can call off approved assets on-demand, giving all your teams easy access to on-brand, compliant documents when they need them. Learn more

Technology to make life easier 

When you use the pre-built templates we create for your brand, you’re significantly reducing the potential for human error. Enable offers you the ability to set permissions, so you can allow different members of your team varying access privileges to make changes.

Many of our clients are extremely happy with the results they can achieve and the efficiencies they can drive using Enable. Are you keen to discover how Enable could integrate within your business? Please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to advise.

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