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Engage data rooms will make your fundraising process more efficient and effective. It allows administrators to securely share and collaborate on content, customise branding, disclaimers, and NDA’s and respond to investor questions. The content tracking and analytics help you focus on the investors who are most interested while the automated audit trail saves time and reduces the risk of errors from manual processes.

Investors can easily and securely access all content in one place and interact using the Q&A chat function to complete their reviews.


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Create a personalised, branded portal for each of your clients to securely share and track content. It’s perfect for sending proposals, presentations, NDAs, and contracts or responding to RFIs and RFPs. Our advanced content tracking ensures you are notified each time a client opens a link you’ve shared. It also monitors which pages have been read and how long was spent viewing the page. This allows you to focus your time on the clients who are most interested in your products and services. The Q&A chat function helps you to interact with your clients and respond more efficiently to any questions.


Engage data room Sales


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Ensure you are communicating with all key stakeholders in a secure and intelligent environment. Provide a convenient, central place for them to review your most relevant finance documentation and marketing materials. Discover what they are most interested in using our sophisticated content tracking and analytics dashboards.


Engage Investor Relations



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Use our virtual data rooms to securely share confidential content with your board and Non-Exec Directors. Eliminate the risk of sending email attachments and use secure links to share agendas and boardpacks prior to your meetings and copies of minutes post-meeting. Our content tracking features allow you to know the content in the boardpack which is of most interest to your board so that you can tailor meetings accordingly.


Engage Board Communications



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Engage automatically captures an audit trail and version history of all content sent to clients, investors, and employees to help you comply with FCA regulations. The content tracking and reporting dashboards record proof of which pages have been viewed and how long was spent reading each page. This gives you evidence that clients have read required risk warnings and terms or that employees have read your latest policy documents.


Engage Data Room Compliance



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