Annual & Sustainability Reporting

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Annual Reports Production


The production of annual reports is a very “well-oiled machine” within Perivan.

The combination of having a great “can-do” design team coupled with the largest 24hr typesetting capacity in Europe assists us in being both agile and powerful.

Clients enjoy the fact that they can speak directly to who is handling their project. It is a deliberate move not to have layers of management masking clear communication.

Our data team speak with the primary Registrars daily to ensure we receive accurate data as and when we need it to mail out on time.

Every single detail is very well taken care of.






Sustainability & ESG Reporting


Greater public awareness, increasing regulatory pressure and investor activism have combined to focus companies’ minds on their performance regarding ethical issues.

A sustainability report or disclosure is a report published by an organisation about environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts.

It enables the company to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities it faces and sheds light on its ESG activities.

We help businesses bring their sustainability story and successes to life.






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