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Simplify your review process and increase productivity

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Streamline your creative processes

When your creative team consistently repeats tasks while establishing review workflows, it’s the perfect moment to introduce automation to your creative process. Perivan’s user-friendly workflow automation and templates are essential tools for creative teams managing a hectic workload.


Simplify your approval process using our ready-to-use templates

Configurable workflows allow you to define the review and approval processes for all your content. An audit trail and version history are automatically captured to help you comply with FCA regulations for your financial promotions.

Multiple approvers can collaborate and review content in real-time, speeding up approval processes and reducing conflicting changes. The intuitive interface allows users to review any file type, including video, live web pages, emails, social content, and PDF, Microsoft, and InDesign files.





Customise your workflows to suit each project’s needs

Perivan’s automated workflows are customisable to meet your team’s unique requirements, providing versatile options for both comprehensive and detailed processes. For highly scrutinised creative assets, reviewers can design multi-stage review workflows with executive signoff and checklists to ensure adherence to security and compliance standards before progressing in the production pipeline. Alternatively, simpler projects, like single-stage approval processes, can be accommodated with straightforward workflows.


Ensure assets are reviewed promptly

Steer clear of the expensive error of unintentionally excluding crucial reviewers and stakeholders from the creative review process. Implement automated workflows to include essential internal and external reviewers consistently.


Don’t overlook any stage in your review process

In the hustle of your creative team delivering numerous assets within tight deadlines, it’s common to skip or neglect steps in the review process inadvertently. Our automation establishes consistent rules and steps for every new asset. It can even enforce specific timeframes for certain review activities.


Securing Data and Environmental Responsibility

Ensuring security and safeguarding data are our top priorities. We demonstrate our unwavering commitment through our ISO 27001 certification, and we consistently conduct audits to reinforce the robustness of our approach, thereby ensuring the utmost safety of our clients’ valuable data.

At Perivan, we take great pride in our ISO 14001 certification, which serves as a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our commitment to eco-friendliness goes beyond the certification, as we actively assist our clients in attaining their ESG targets.


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