Merchandise and Logistics

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Save time and resources

Goodies and giveaways at a trade show or event are essential. However, storing and managing all your merchandise safely can be a bit of a headache.

We offer the solution: Let us manage your whole merchandise process.

We handle all communications from initial enquiries through to items being dispatched from the warehouse and collecting unused items after the event. Saving you time and unnecessary phone calls chasing up deliveries and booking them with event locations.


Swift, efficient Event Logistics.

You can rely on Perivan to always be proactive. We look at historic data and future event bookings to stay one step ahead. We advise you when stocks are starting to run low and can manage expected lead times around that. Ensuring you always have the stock you need to use at the best unit price.

If goods aren’t where they need to be your event won’t be successful. But, with Perivan, you can rest assured that the correct items are in the right place at the right time. So you never have to worry about it before an event.



As an events professional, I have always had to struggle with logistical nightmares (failed delivery, lost boxes, wrong piece of literature). Sophie and you have taken away that pain point and have been absolutely spot on. I know that every live event we run or attend will have everything under control, and that’s thanks to the two of you.

Chloe Dolo, Events Manager, Octopus  Investments



Why choose Perivan

With Perivan, you know how seriously we take great customer service. It’s behind everything we do.

Our dedicated team would work closely with you, from answering questions and managing deadlines to scheduling deliveries. Their job is to ensure every job runs smoothly from start to finish.



The supply chains we use have a responsibility to consider the environmental impact of commercial growth and are fully committed to sourcing sustainable, recycled and recyclable products wherever possible. Avoiding unnecessary single-use plastics and making use of efficient transport methods. Knowing that a product was made in a factory with a social audit or that the materials used are recycled or organic assures our clients that the product will not unduly harm the environment or the people in the supply chain.

No gimmicks, no waste. Environment-friendly products will provide economic, social and environmental benefits throughout their life span.

You want your merchandise to be more than just ‘give-aways’ to make a lasting, meaningful impression of your brand on your customers.


  • Detailed estimates provided with full eco credentials against all items
  • Simple monthly invoicing, no upfront payments needed
  • Full, extensive stock reporting and inventory management
  • We can work to specific budgets or tight deadlines to recommend the best product
  • Proofs supplied showing branding in place
  • Warehousing and distribution: We provide full warehousing services for your merchandise.


Octopus Investments

I joined Octopus about 10 months ago, and while I’d spent my career working in large financial services businesses, I’d never worked with an external party that supported our literature and event needs before. It has exceeded all of my expectations! During my first order, the team held my hand from enquiry through to delivery, with helpful proactive updates to ensure I was always fully in the loop with the tracking of my order. The team even nudged me to consider if I needed collection and the use of Enable, their Marketing Distribution and Brand management platform is intuitive and simple.

Julie Greenwood, Octopus Investments


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