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Effective investor communication.

Through our corporate finance activities and longstanding relationships with many of the leading financial and legal advisers, we are year-on-year leaders in the production of IPO prospectuses for admissions on both AIM and Main Market companies listing on the London Stock Exchange. This involvement creates opportunities for us to assist companies with their investor and shareholder communications during their corporate lifecycle, from pre to post IPO, which naturally leads to their inaugural annual report. This can mean anything from a tight budget simple production to a complete design service that can be adapted at any stage of the corporate journey.

Perivan can support with the creation of a range of documents to effectively communicate with investors. We have decades of experience in dealing with the following:

  • Main Market IPO’s prospectuses
    It’s a legal requirement that an IPO (Initial Public Offering) prospectus is published at the start of the offer period for all IPOs aiming to raise €5m. It must contain sufficient detail about the company that a stakeholder is able to make informed decisions regarding their investment. Our team of specialists at Perivan can help with all of your prospectus requirements.
  • Mergers and acquisition documents
    Mergers and acquisitions create change and often a feeling of uncertainty. Give investors peace of mind by keeping them informed every step of the way through the consolidation process with your mergers and acquisition documentation.
  • Whitewash circulars
    Whitewash circular documentation created by the team at Perivan helps to provide necessary assurances during a buyout situation.
  • Rights Issue documents
    Present stakeholders with the opportunity to purchase additional stock shares at a discounted rate to the current market price. Perivan has worked on Rights Issue documents for many of our clients over the years.
  • EGM circulars
    Perivan can provide support with documentation to support your next EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting).
  • AIM Admission documents
    We’ve had plenty of success in the creation of documents to support the AIM Admission process. We know what works – and also, importantly, what doesn’t.
  • Fundraising documents
    We can create fundraising documents to help you on your way to achieving your desired financial contributions.
  • Disposal documents
    We can create documentation to manage the disposition of shares, whether by selling or transferring to another person or entity.
  • Placing and Open Offer documents
    Perivan can assist with documentation to support alternative ways of raising secondary capital.
  • Offer for Subscription documents
    We have many years of experience creating Offer for Subscription documentation to increase interest from investors in the selling of shares for a new issue.

Print services

We’re able to offer on-demand print services to meet all of your investor documentation requirements. Printing is either handled by one of our select suppliers, or in-house at Perivan where we provide a 24-hour print service.

Need further assistance?

If you require assistance on any of the above, or if you have more bespoke requirements, we will be more than happy to help. Please get in touch with our team today.

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