IPO Admission Documents

Our long-established and well-respected shareholder communications teams provide in-depth experience and product knowledge 24 hours a day, ensuring that even the most complex and demanding transactions run smoothly, efficiently and quickly.

Perivan has by far the largest financial document creation resource in the UK, including teams specialised in typesetting, artwork and design which ensures that time-critical documents are turned quickly, accurately and securely.

Specialist printing facilities featuring the latest technology allow Perivan to produce time-sensitive documents swiftly and cost-effectively, whatever the specification. Our digital printing capacity is based in central London, which allows rapid turnaround for advance copies and book proofs.

Our project management teams are experienced and agile and manage hundreds of corporate actions every year. They will be on hand to help throughout the entirety of your transaction including the direct collaboration with your Registrars for any personalisation, data management and fulfilment.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes from early start-ups through to mature FTSE 250 companies.

We believe we do things better, in terms of quality, service and pricing integrity, and a pure testament to this is what our customers think. In 2021, Perivan was trusted to produce the IPO admissions for 41% of all companies listed on the LSE, including 62% who listed on AIM.

As an extension to these services, we also provide additional investor and shareholder communications for post IPO activities, including corporate access which features our intelligent investor interaction platform; Engage, plus our Design and Annual Report creation, production and publishing services will be delighted to help you when you need to publish your inaugural annual report and any future corporate actions.



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