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5 issues to consider when investing in a virtual investor roadshow provider

March 2021

Virtual roadshow


Virtual investor roadshows have really taken off in recent years. This growth has doubtless been accelerated by COVID-19; the travel restrictions and social distancing requirements of the pandemic have hastened the move online for investor communication.

But before COVID arrived, virtual roadshows were already gaining traction. Their ability to deliver efficient investor outreach, and to provide analytics that make the search for investors slicker, can see the ROI of a virtual roadshow outstripping a face-to-face event.



Choosing a virtual roadshow solution

Not surprisingly, as the benefits of virtual roadshows have become better known, the number of solutions available to support them has grown in tandem.

If you want to make your investor communications and engagement more efficient via virtual roadshows, what should you look for in a virtual roadshow provider? What features can a solution offer to compensate for a lack of face-to-face interaction?

Here, we explore the 5 issues to consider when investing in a virtual roadshow provider.



How to host a virtual investor roadshow

There are several stages in running a virtual investor roadshow, and for anyone more used to in-person events the process may seem daunting. In fact, pretty much any element of a face-to-face roadshow can be recreated virtually – in some cases, more efficiently – and the right solution and provider will be able to support you at every step.

Step 1: Create your investor presentation. Fundraising documents are key to investor roadshows, and when you’re operating virtually, it’s even more vital that they’re compelling.

Step 2: Build your invitation list – Import your Investor list and send log-in details with a single click.

Step 3: Distribute your presentation and any other documents securely and quickly to attendees.

Step 4: Host a roadshow – a seamless, highly secure and professional event.

Step 5: Determine investor interest based on feedback from the roadshow. Your solution should support you by reporting on interest and engagement from attendees, making follow-up targeted and efficient.

Step 6: Follow up with potential investors, using analytics from your online data room platform.

Step 7: Begin book building with the list of engaged investors you have built.


The 5 issues you need to consider when choosing a virtual roadshow provider.


While the steps needed for a successful roadshow are clear-cut, the role of your provider is pivotal. Virtual investor roadshows are still a relatively new concept for investors and those seeking investment, but for providers used to delivering investor communications in an increasingly digital way, a virtual roadshow is just the next step in the evolution of investor engagement. A provider with a history of delivering on digital investor communications will be well-placed to offer the guidance and support you need to make your virtual roadshows work.

When looking for a virtual roadshow provider, think about:


  1. Is their solution a one-stop shop for all your requirements?

Your chosen solution and provider should support you at every step, from building targeted invitation lists through to laser-focused follow-up.


  1. Can they create compelling investor presentations?

What experience does your provider have in creating investor communications? Particularly when you can’t engage potential shareholders face-to-face, roadshow presentations need to capture the imagination of your attendees. A provider with experience of creating compelling investor communications, on- and offline, will give you a head start on investor engagement.


  1. What does the roadshow experience look like?

Potential investors expect a seamless experience, virtually as in person. Your chosen solution needs to offer the highest levels of security, performance and deliverability – with a provider who can provide expert support, and is on hand to help.

Not every provider has the ability to deliver digital skills, a customer-centric approach and investment expertise – if you can find one that offers all three, you’re onto a winner.


  1. Can they provide investor insight and analytics?

In-person meetings give you a sense of which potential investors are interested in your offering. Online, this is harder to capture – but some of today’s roadshow solutions provide analytics that more than compensate.

A good solution and provider will give you an instant snapshot of interested investors via intelligent document tracking. Use the insights within the platform to identify the most engaged users for targeted follow-up. Maximise the ROI of your roadshow by focusing on attendees with the most potential, and increase the efficiency of future events by streamlining your invitation lists accordingly.


  1. How do they perform on security?

Your chosen solution needs to deliver information quickly to all key stakeholders – but you also need confidence that it’s secure. You are sharing highly confidential and business-critical data; your platform needs the highest levels of security.

Do your shortlisted providers all have experience in delivering investor communications within a secure online environment? How secure is the platform you’re considering; for instance, does it offer granular, permission-based access to ensure your documents are only seen by those you authorise?



Ensuring the right support for your virtual roadshows


Investor roadshows are well-established as a means of engaging new shareholders. But having the right platform to support you is crucial.

Engage is a highly-secure, user-friendly online data room platform for virtual investor roadshows, and can safely host all your pre-IPO transaction documents, investor presentations and virtual roadshow information. As a result, you’re able to share information securely and instantaneously with potential investors and – post-event – create opportunities via intelligent document tracking and analytics.

Engage is a market-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with the highest levels of security, compliance and usability. Perivan’s expertise in virtual investor roadshows is born of long-standing experience as SaaS providers and investor/shareholder communication specialists.

Contact us to find out how Engage could elevate your virtual roadshows.

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