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Data room: 4 things you can track when sharing files

February 2023

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Any business could benefit from a virtual data room. Whether you’re laying the groundwork for an M&A deal, raising funds, managing board communications, or sharing any form of confidential documents, a data room will provide you with complete control over who’s seeing your files. 

What many don’t realise about file sharing through a data room, however, is the extent to which you can track content interaction. Thanks to an interactive dashboard, you’ll be able to analyse all shared content, and report on those interactions. But what sort of interactions can you track? Read on to find out.



With a virtual data room you can easily see which of your pages is receiving the most clicks and engagement. This will allow you to find out what kind of content your audience is most interested in, meaning you can more accurately replicate that success with other content. 

There are many different kinds of marketing assets that companies can use to inform shareholders. Being able to extensively track the engagement on these assets means you’ll quickly find out which formats you should be sticking with. 


Who is looking at the content in your data room

You’ll also be able to see exactly who’s looking at your content. This can be particularly handy when it comes to sharing important documents with investors and shareholders, and that’s for a number of reasons. For example, if you’ve sent over a sales contract, you’ll soon find out exactly who is involved in the review process of that contract. 

These insights are available in real-time. As soon as someone has looked at a document, you’ll find out about it. 


How long people are viewing your data room’s content

Not only can you see who has viewed your content, but you can also see for how long they’ve viewed your content. This should give you a pretty solid indication of how interested your shareholders are in the documents you’re sharing with them. The insights don’t stop there, either; for a document with multiple pages, you’ll be able to see how long they spent on each page. And if they stopped viewing your document, you can see which page caused them to drop off. 

If someone is spending lots of their time poring over your documents, then that’s the kind of person you’re going to want to focus your energy on. 


Engagement on your videos 

Videos are an increasingly effective tool when it comes to communicating with shareholders, and when you share a video via your data room, you’ll have access to a wide range of insights as to how that video performed. That includes how long people are viewing your videos, how often they paused or skimmed or rewound, as well as information regarding the user who has viewed your content (the device they watched the video on, where they’re located, and their email address). 

One of the most useful insights will be the drop-off points, as these will give you a clear indication as to what causes your audience to lose interest. 


All of your investor communications will be more efficient with a virtual data room. Looking for an easy-to-use VDR for communicating with your investors? Book a demo today to find out why Engage data rooms from Perivan could be crucial for your business.

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