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How a brand marketing platform can change the game

November 2022

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These days, it seems like there’s an endless amount of digital marketing tools out there. If you’re using a separate tool for social media posts, email campaigns, graphic design and so forth, it can be hard to keep tabs on your marketing activity and on the effect that it’s actually having. When it comes to marketing solutions, your best bet is a platform that covers a wide array of functions pertaining to your marketing strategy. That’s what we’ll be discussing in today’s blog: brand marketing platforms, and how they can change the game for your business. 

Create and Maintain Brand Consistency 

Complete control and oversight over your marketing output will lead to brand consistency, and brand consistency will lead to brand recognition. Ideally, more and more customers will be recognising your brand by just a glimpse of your logo, or your colour scheme, or particular imagery. 

If a customer has had a positive experience with one of your products or services, consistent branding is the key to getting that customer to remain a customer. If your branding is consistent, it’s far more likely that the customer will assume the rest of your products are up to the same standard. It’s all about evoking a positive emotion from your customer, and with a brand marketing platform, you’ll be up to the challenge. 

Cloud Based: Anytime, Anywhere

A cloud based brand marketing platform is one that you and your employees can access whenever and wherever. Digital marketing is a continuous process, and by taking it portable, you’ll be able to constantly keep track of every facet of your strategy. 

Your business won’t be tied down to specific hardware at one location, so no matter what the ever-fluctuating landscape throws your way, your digital marketing can continue running smoothly.

Boost Brand Compliance

Brand compliance means that every element of your branding is aligned with the quality standards, values, and visual identity of your company. It means that you’re protecting the best interests of your company while maintaining the loyalty of the consumer, and preventing any misuse of your brand that could impact the business in a negative way. 


Your branding is your identity, and a marketing platform will give you peace of mind that the correct branding is always being used. 

Accelerates Your Company’s Speed to Market

Producing artwork and graphics for your brand via traditional means can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not quite sure what you want from the final product. Ultimately, this slows down your speed to market, which can put unnecessary pressure on your marketing team. 

With a brand marketing platform, not only could your marketing team be rapidly deploying campaigns with ease, but your entire company could be doing the same. If your platform offers customisable templates, these tend to require very little, if any, design experience. These templates can be used for anything from social media posts, to proposal documents, to whitepapers, and it’ll all be compliant with your branding guidelines. 


Looking for an easy-to-use brand marketing platform to consolidate your marketing strategy? Book a demo today to find out why Enable by Perivan could be crucial for your business’s growth.

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