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So you have a digital asset management platform – what next?

January 2021


Digital asset management (DAM) is quite the buzzword in marketing collateral. With the vast majority of marketing materials now being digital rather than physical assets, keeping track of all your collateral is a whole new ballgame.

Better management of your marketing assets could save you time and money, improve the professionalism of your content, and improve your regulatory compliance into the bargain.

But even this impressive list of benefits misses one additional advantage marketers can achieve from better DAM. By integrating best practice digital asset management with a martech solution, the benefits can be amplified. But how do you do this, and what are the benefits to be gained?


What is digital asset management?

Increasingly, marketing materials are digital assets rather than hard copy brochures, flyers or whitepapers.

For marketing professionals, this changes the challenges you face. We can all remember office cupboards full of unused brochures and other collateral!

Today, these physical storage challenges have been replaced with a new question: how can you store your assets virtually so they are easily accessed and used? Because they’re less visible than your hard copy materials, it can be easy to neglect the ‘tidiness’ of your digital inventory.

But it’s a mistake to assume that digital asset management is just about efficient storage. It also covers the way your documents are created and how they are updated.

Good digital asset management has numerous benefits:

  1. It saves you time. Intranet provider Interact estimated in 2019 that 19.8% of business time is spent by people looking for information they need. A good DAM might enable you to find existing materials faster. It might mean avoiding the need to create new collateral from scratch, because you can use previous content, or on-brand logos, imagery and templates as a start point. Whatever you want to achieve, a best practice approach to your digital assets streamlines project management and production.
  2. It reduces the risk of regulatory breaches, by ensuring only the latest, accurate and approved versions of collateral are used. Anyone calling down marketing materials can be confident that they are current and compliant.
  3. It protects your brand. Whether you’re working on an established brand or executing a new or upgraded one, robust digital asset management gives your teams easy access to brand-compliant templates and assets. As a result, you vastly reduce the risk of outdated, incorrect or inconsistent branding – something that creeps in all too often when people re-use old sales presentations, newsletter or email templates, PowerPoints or other collateral. 


How to take it to the next level – integrating digital asset management with a Martech solution

As if these benefits weren’t compelling enough, the even-better news is that you can ramp up the advantages of digital asset management. How? By integrating it with a martech solution.

Marketing technology – martech – can do many things; the term itself can be used to describe a range of solutions delivering a number of different outcomes.

When it comes to martech that supports the demand for marketing content production – something many marketers struggle to keep pace with – the best solutions will enable you to create not just marketing materials, but business development proposals, stationery and other business documents.

Importantly, some will also integrate with your digital asset management platform, or include their own, allowing you to get the best from a combination of leading-edge martech and best practice digital asset management.


Once your materials are created – what then?

The real benefits of integrating DAM with martech come once your documents have been created. Once you’ve onboarded a DAM platform, taking an integrated approach means you can publish new assets quickly and easily when needed.

Working with your martech provider, you can call off approved assets on-demand, giving all your teams easy access to on-brand, compliant documents when they need them. Create the best mix of digital and print; hard copy materials can be produced on a just-in-time basis, eliminating waste and improving your ESG credentials.

Choose the right martech solution provider and you can enjoy all the benefits of integrated DAM and martech. Find out more about how Perivan’s Enable technology allows you to get the most from digital asset management and martech – contact us to find out more and arrange a no-obligation demo.


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