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Global Asset Manager

"You’ve done more in four months than our previous supplier did in four years."


Our client, a global Asset Manager, is an American publicly owned global asset management firm that offers strategic investment advice to institutional investors and financial intermediaries.



The challenge

In 2016, our client, a global Asset Manager, engaged a major global print management business to provide the technology and expertise to deliver document output services to the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. The service provider was unable to adequately deliver and during mid-2019, our client returned to the market to identify a suitable partner. Our client put significant effort into creating a rigorous RFP process detailing their operational need, required IT security, SLA expectations, brand directives – and the current service gap.


The solution

Perivan’s Enable solved the challenge set by the client. Enable is an online artwork creation, marketing automation and brand management platform, which provides our client with a centralised technology gateway to manage and support their global marketing operations.

The Enable solution is centred around the smart templating of key sales and marketing literature. Ensuring the brand is protected at all times, the customisable elements of the clients document library can be quickly and intuitively edited by approved users; without the need for any design skills. Those documents can then be assigned to an office location, anywhere in the world, for immediate use.

Enable provides embedded cost centre management, brand integrity, smart approval chains and enhanced version control. These key features and benefits deliver significant improvements in marketing productivity and procurement governance.

Perivan led the integration of Enable into a network of 20 established printing businesses, located throughout the clients’ global operations. Each printer was strategically chosen to support SLA requirements, ESG policy, print quality and commercial need.

Through Enable, our clients’ stakeholders can now monitor all activity and status through their live “Client-View” dashboard. For Management, detailed reporting is available that gives a holistic view of global activity including a full budgetary overview and SLA commentary.



Proven and trusted results

The successful implementation of Enable took 3 months, which was an ambitious and challenging timeframe given the inherent complexities of a large multinational company. Through detailed and careful planning however, Perivan hit every milestone and delivered the project on time and on budget.

Perivan have a strong track record in delivering technology solutions to the Financial Services industry and were confident in our ability to provide a best in class solution to the client.

The client’s main takeaway from the experience is that once contracted, large print management businesses are seldom deft-of-foot, lacking the ability to drive innovation and service enhancements through the lifecycle of the contract. The client said of Perivan “You’ve done more in four months than our previous supplier did in four years”. Perivan’s focus on the Financial Services Industry and unique approach to our clients’ needs means that things are worked your way, not our way.



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