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MAXIS GBN - Full Rebrand

Maxis logo design“This was a logo refresh project that evolved into a full rebrand. The entire project was completed in a couple of months and was the start of a successful ongoing partnership with Perivan. They just seem to ‘get us’; on the rebrand, they were amazing, coming up with lots of options and getting it right the first time, almost every time – which anyone who works with marketing clients will know is almost unheard of! I had an idea, and they made it real. Perivan made the whole process very easy – we’re a good match.”


         Patsy Langridge, Global Director, Marketing & Digital, Maxis GBN





Co-founded by MetLife and AXA, MAXIS Global Benefits Network is a network of 140 insurance companies providing a range of pooling, reinsurance and employee benefits services to clients in over 120 markets.



The challenge

In 2016, MAXIS GBN opened their global headquarters in Monument, London. Seeing this as an opportunity to refresh their branding, they approached Perivan to help.

The company felt their existing logo and brand was outdated and wanted to differentiate themselves with a brand that reflected MAXIS GBN’S modern innovative approach and unique structure.

Crucially, while achieving this, any brand refresh also had to ensure the company remained familiar; they were well-known and respected, and wanted to retain this positive brand recognition.



The solution

MAXIS GBN asked Perivan to help design an updated logo and branding that reflected the people-oriented nature of their business; less corporate, and more ‘human’ and friendly.

Stage 1 saw the logo redesigned, with livelier colours and a new font.

Stage 2 tackled the company’s wider brand. Perivan produced a range of design concepts for Maxis’ literature and digital identity, starting from scratch to create an entirely new look and feel.


The results

The new brand concepts were met with positive reactions from the MAXIS GBN team. As Global Director, Marketing & Digital, Patsy Langridge comments, “I’ve never taken any of Perivan’s design ideas to the Senior Leadership Team and had them say ‘no’”.

What started as a brand refresh has extended across the company’s colour palette, imagery and design, with MAXIS GBN and the Perivan design team working together to create new brand guidelines.

The new brand conveys the MAXIS GBN ethos and values, and has been adopted across the company’s entire range of corporate literature and digital output.

When the new London office opened, Perivan were asked to design office branding. They have created visuals to represent the company’s corporate vision and value proposition, and today produce all the MAXIS GBN content, from top-level brochures to stationery.


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