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Aptamer Group float on AIM

December 2021


Aptamer Group operates within the life sciences sector and is a leader in the provision of aptamer discovery and selection services and in developing aptamer-based reagents. The Company operates across three life science sectors: custom services (research and bioprocessing tools), diagnostics and therapeutics. The Company strives to deliver transformational solutions that meet the needs of developers and users of diagnostic platforms, scientific researchers and companies involved in drug development and manufacturing.

Aptamers are synthetic nucleic acid-based biological molecules, selected based on their specific characteristics to bind to a ‘target’ of interest. Targets can include proteins, cells, viruses or small molecules (e.g. therapeutic drug molecules). The ability to bind in a predictable, measurable and controllable way to such targets, creates opportunities in diagnostics, therapeutics, bioprocessing and research applications. The target binding characteristics of aptamers means that they are often thought of as ‘chemical antibodies’ and positions them as a disruptive technology in the well-established global antibody market worth over $145.7bn per annum (2021) and expected to reach $248.9bn by 2026.

Aptamer Group has developed a proprietary platform for the high-throughput, automated development of aptamer binders with tuneable properties to fulfil clients’ and partners’ needs. The Group’s business model is to provide contract research services on a fee-for-service basis plus longer term upside potential from ongoing royalty and licensing revenues where the Group’s reagents are taken forward by customers into commercial applications.


Admission to Trading on AIM

On 22nd December 2021, admission and dealings on AIM commenced by way of a Placing of 9,202,094 New Ordinary Shares at 117p each.

The Perivan shareholder communications team were delighted to work with SPARK Advisory Partners who were appointed as Nominated Adviser to Aptamer Group on the successful publication of the 152-page admission document.

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