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BiVictriX Therapeutics publish their inaugural Annual Report

March 2022


BiVictriX Therapeutics is a UK based drug development company which was incorporated in February 2016 and has developed its proprietary Bi-Cygni® technology. This technology utilises Antibody Drug Conjugates (“ADC”s), an existing class of potent biological drugs, for the treatment of various cancers including Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, the first condition which BVX intends to treat.

BiVictriX Therapeutics has identified a unique, cancer-restricted antigen fingerprint, absent from healthy cells, which can be exploited to produce cancer selective therapeutics. The Bi-Cygni® technology has been developed to exploit this concept and expedite the development of bispecific therapeutics with an improved therapeutic index. Based on BVX’s work to date, these ADCs demonstrate superior potency and tumour selectivity compared to conventional ADCs. The main country of operation is in the UK.

Having previously worked with BiVictriX and their Nominated Adviser SP Angel Corporate Finance with the production of their admission document when they floated on AIM in August last year, the Perivan shareholder communications team were delighted to help them with a further stage of their corporate journey by designing and producing their inaugural annual report which was successfully published on 9th March 2022.

To view the full annual report, click here.

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