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European Green Transition publish their inaugural annual report

June 2024


European Green Transition plc (EGT) is an AIM listed business operating in the green economy transition space in Europe. EGT intends to capitalise on the significant opportunity created by Europe’s transition away from fossil fuels to a green, renewables-focused economy. The Company plans to expand its existing portfolio of green economy assets through M&A, targeting distressed and undervalued projects. EGT sees substantial opportunities to deliver value from its M&A pipeline, which includes critical material, wind, solar, processing and recycling projects.

EGT’s highly experienced leadership team have a strong track record of building successful public companies through the acquisition of distressed assets. EGT plans to replicate this approach, creating a sustainable and profitable business while generating significant shareholder returns.

The Company’s current portfolio of green economy assets includes the Olserum Rare Earth project in Sweden. The Olserum project is one of Sweden’s projects of “National Interest” and has the potential to become Europe’s first operating rare earths mine. EGT own additional projects in northern Sweden and Germany which have defined and tangible upside with potential to realise near-term value inflection points in a cost-effective manner. EGT’s objective is to build a profitable business while monetising some of its assets through sale or partnership with larger industry players or European end users. The team is focused on success while remaining committed to its defined ESG strategy, ensuring excellent development practices across all projects in addition to regular local community engagement.


Publication of inaugural annual report

The Perivan shareholder communications team was delighted to be appointed to design and produce their inaugural annual Report which was successfully published on 24th June 2024.


Perivan is the UK’s leading designer and producer of annual reports. For further information, click here.

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