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Graft Polymer float on the Main Market of the LSE

January 2022


Graft Polymer is a UK-incorporated holding company with an innovative research and manufacturing facility based in Slovenia. The core business of the Group comprises polymer modification and drug delivery systems developments. Founded in 2017, the Company is incorporated in England and Wales with a head office in London, United Kingdom and has already introduced more than 50 products to the Market; in particular: grafted polymer modifiers; nano-structured and crosslinking polymer alloys; and a variety of delivery vehicles for pharma and bio applications.

The Group has developed a proprietary set of polymer modification technologies, which can improve existing products and processing methodologies by enhancing performance, simplifying manufacturing, reducing material consumption, widening the choice of feedstocks and reducing costs. The Board expects the Group to continue to develop new and innovative polymer technologies both in-house and in conjunction with key industry players and customers.

The Group provides its customers with three main types of modification solutions, as follows:

  • Graft/Block copolymers used as compatibilizers to combine various immiscible components (polymers, fillers) allowing the creation of high quality polymeric composite materials for multiply applications;
  • Polymeric Nano-Structured Alloys used to modify virgin polymers or as stand-alone compounds; and
  • Crosslinking Masterbatches or Alloys used to modify virgin polymers or as stand-alone compounds.

The products offered by the Group fall into the following categories:

  • Standard products – these are products that the consumer market is familiar with, for use in the most developed polymer sectors such as Polypropylene-based composites (which account for approximately 70 per cent. of the polymer market) and Polyamide-based composites (which account for approximately 20 per cent. of polymer market), as well as other composites (including styrene, polyesters and peroxide masterbatches). These products are available on demand and are distributed via the Group’s distribution networks;
  • Custom-made products – these are ‘standard’ products with slight modifications made to satisfy specific requests from customers. The Group works directly with its customers to enhance their existing products, or produce new products that complement their product range; and
  • Innovative products – these products are usually the result of the Group’s R&D projects. Research and development of these products is either initiated by the Group based on its market research, or as a result of a specific brief from a customer.

In late 2018, the Group began its first commercial sales to various polymer compounders in the automotive, packaging, construction, consumer products, clothing, aerospace, healthcare and medical markets.


Admission to trading on the Main Market of the LSE

On 6th January 2022, dealings commenced by way of a Placing of 20,930,232 new Ordinary Shares and Subscription for 2,325,581 new Ordinary Shares at 21.5 pence each.

The Perivan shareholder communications team were delighted to work with Graft Polymer and their advisers on the publication of the 130-page prospectus.

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