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Perivan Partners with QCA in their Latest Podcast Episode on Navigating the Dynamic Terrain of Annual Reports

December 2023



What’s the future for annual reports?


“The much-awaited latest episode of their Growth Capital podcasts is all about annual reports: the doorstopper documents that just keep growing. QCA  research found that company annual reports add an average 5,800 words every year.

Who’s reading them? And what’s the value of a once-a-year document when investors can access reams of real-time data?

After recent governance rethinks, what else needs to change to formulate a package that offers transparency and inspires corporate confidence?

This conversation features two guests from QCA member firms:

Industry experts Phil Austen, sales director at reports designer and producer Perivan, and Andrew Jones FCA, CFA, director and head of narrative reporting at Mazars in the UK, share their perspectives on the evolving landscape with the QCA’s chief executive James Ashton. They discuss what changes are needed to create a package that not only delivers transparency but also inspires corporate confidence.”

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About the Growth Capital Podcast:

The QCA champions small and mid-sized quoted companies. Whether they are worth a handful of millions or hundreds of millions, what unites them is that they want to grow and they want to innovate. They want good access to capital and the right regulation that supports their mission – and the QCA help them to achieve that.

In this new podcast, they will bring you the latest developments in relation to our sector. You will hear from senior business leaders, politicians, regulators, and company advisors, the people that make the rules and make the money. The entire community that must come together to ensure London is the growth capital.


Perivan is the UK’s number one Annual Report provider. We specialise in producing and publishing financial documents relating to shareholder and investors communications for quoted companies, private companies and open and closed-ended funds.


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