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Spectral MD publish their inaugural Annual Report

May 2022


Spectral MD develops technology using predictive analytics and AI algorithms to help clinicians make more accurate and faster treatment decisions. There are no diagnostic imaging devices that provide clinicians with an objective and immediate assessment of a wound’s healing potential.

Spectral MD’s DeepView® Technology provides an informed solution for clinicians and allows for a clear picture of the wound to be established prior to treatment or other interventions.

DeepView® is a portable imaging platform that allows for immediate wound healing assessment and provides clinicians with physiological information that is not visible to the human eye.

Spectral MD owns its cloud-based data pipeline, from patient data collection to an output that is meaningful to the clinician. This information can be used by physicians to guide therapeutic procedures for the patient.

The Company floated on AIM in June 2021.


Inaugural Annual Report

The Perivan shareholder communications team was delighted to be appointed to work with Wallbrook, the PR consultants to Spectral MD, to produce the inaugural Annual Report which was successfully completed and published on 9th May 2022.

To view the full annual report, click here.

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