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Meeting 21st century investor relations challenges: Challenge 2 – Obtaining investor insight

July 2021


In the second in a series of four blogs on investor relations challenges, we explore the issue of investor insight.

How do you glean information on the issues investors are interested in? How can you identify who is a genuine potential investor and who just has a passing interest? Are you able to see which investors are engaging with specific elements of your proposal?



Investor insight in a virtual world

Investor relations was already growing increasingly digital before the coronavirus pandemic. When this move was accelerated by COVID-19, investor relations professionals may have been sceptical about virtual events’ ability to match in-person ones.

In fact, according to a survey by IR magazine, many IR professionals reported better, not worse, interactions during lockdown – and many expect not to return fully to in-person events any time soon. In part, this is due to ongoing restrictions and uncertainty – but in no small part because these virtual interactions have been highly successful.


The investor insights made possible by today’s virtual data rooms have played a crucial role here. Hosting investor relations roadshows – and storing IR communications – online enables you to:

  • Gain usable insights into investor preferences

Virtual investor roadshow platforms have replaced roadshows as the preferred way to introduce potential investors to an offering. A good virtual roadshow platform provides companies with detailed reports and user-friendly management information.

  • Fine-tune your approach in response to investor interest

IR teams can see at a glance which elements of their offering are most popular and finesse their roadshow content accordingly.

  • Provide in-depth understanding of your offering

The best data rooms offer a Q&A function, allowing investors to request more information or dig deeper into the subjects covered.

Some investor roadshow platforms only open presentations to attendees immediately prior to the roadshow. By making this information available online long before the presentation starts, a good platform enables readers to explore the issues in-depth and gain greater understanding – allowing companies to have far more meaningful conversations with potential investors.

  • Drive more effective follow-up

The best virtual roadshow platforms even help users to get deals over the line. One-to-one follow up meetings are made more focused and effective due to the granular MI available; by seeing which investors have taken the most interest in the presentations, follow-up is laser-focused and relevant.


Engage is Perivan’s market-leading data room. As well as being highly secure, Engage is at the forefront of investor insight, delivering the meaningful data that enables your company to win investment in a virtual world.

Find out more about how Engage can provide the solution to your 21st century investor relations challenges.


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