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Perivan welcomes Asian Energy Impact Trust to our Annual Report portfolio

January 2024

Octopus Energy

Asian Energy Impact Trust, formerly known as ThomasLloyd Energy Impact Trust, is the first impact-focused company on the LSE to be dedicated to investing in sustainable energy infrastructure projects that can help alleviate Asia’s expanding climate change issues.

‍By helping to fulfil the urgent need for infrastructure finance in Asia, the Company is tackling the global climate crisis with action where it is most required and most efficient while also providing investors with access to private market opportunities which cannot be found via other listed equities.

As a dedicated impact investor, AEIT’s Investment Manager, Octopus Energy Generation, only invests responsibly, with the objective of contributing to environmental and social progress. Octopus Energy Generation’s Responsible Investment Policy here.

ESG factors are integrated throughout the investment process and the monitoring and oversight of investments.

The AEIT Board is mindful of investors’ responsibilities to society as a whole and it shares OEGEN’s belief that ESG considerations can have a material impact on the value of the Company’s underlying assets, its social licence to operate and therefore on investors’ capital.


Publication of Annual Report

Having helped the Company at IPO stage, when it floated on Premium Segment of the Main Market in December 2021 under its former name, the Perivan shareholder communications team was delighted be appointed to design and produce their annual Report which was published on 22nd January further extending our market leadership in the Renewable Energy Infrastructure sector.

To view the full report, click here.


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