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Perivan have been a major player in the annual report market for many years and continue to seek out opportunities to grow our portfolio. We have added some 80 new titles since Spring 2017 and have added 8 new reports during lockdown.

210 Listed Company annual reports are entrusted to us each year, plus several hundred closed and open-ended funds.

We interact with clients on annual reports in the following different ways:

Newly listed companies

Through our corporate finance activities and longstanding relationships with many of the leading financial and legal advisers, we are year-on-year leaders in the production of IPO prospectuses for admissions on both AIM and Main Market companies listing on the London Stock Exchange.

This involvement creates opportunities for us to assist companies with their investor and shareholder communications during their corporate lifecycle, from pre to post IPO, which naturally leads to their inaugural annual report.

This can mean anything from a tight budget simple production through to a complete design service which can be adapted at any stage of the corporate journey.

Long standing quoted companies

Many of our annual report clients have been with us for several years, with some remaining on our portfolio for over 20 years. 97% have been with us for 3 years or more.

We maintain a competitive edge backed by a strong continuity of personnel from our customer service team. Many of our staff are shareholders, so turnover of people is kept to a minimum and we continually invest in youth recruitment.

Our clients tend to feel comfortable speaking with people they know and trust, even when burning the candle late into the evening.

Closed and open-ended funds

We work with many asset management groups who manage everything from singular to multi product portfolios. Due to our expertise and reputation in this sector, we now produce over 10% of all listed Investment Trusts.

These clients enjoy a rapid, high quality level of typesetting and print that “fits” with maintaining important consistency of their brand.

In addition to the support we can provide above, Perivan are also able to assist with the production of designed annual reports. Make the right statement with your annual reports by entrusting our design specialists with your documentation.

Printed and electronic shareholder and investor communications for AIM listed companies

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