Content Sharing & Proof Distribution with Engage – Introduction


Engage is our secure file-sharing platform for uploading content, mark-ups and amended proofs.


How will Engage benefit you?


Security – E-mail and FTP sites have inherent security risks. The Engage data room is highly secure and only people with permission are able to access the site. Further security can be applied, if required, through granular permissions to specific folders or files. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and there is an optional two-factor authentication feature.


Efficiency – File upload is very easy and users receive notifications when something has been placed in the room. Files and folders are well organised into an intuitive, easy to navigate and searchable structure. Very large files, such as images, can be shared quickly via the platform, overcoming the need to use FTP sites or to break large files down to several e-mails.


Tracking and reporting – You can check if files have been accessed or not. Reports on activity can be easily generated for regulatory and compliance purposes. The history of files shared can be tracked and specific files swiftly located.


We have seen the value for clients in using a data room. We have worked with the Perivan team and Graham for a good few years now and it has always been a pleasure with state of the art technology and service.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the usual address at, or you can directly contact our Engage support team at

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