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Data rooms

Engage makes it easy to set up a virtual data room for your next M&A deal, interact with investors on your next fundraising, manage board communications, create a client portal to securely share confidential content, and, manage and track policy documents.

You can personalise each data room with your branding, share files with granular permission controls and track all interactions to discover what content is of interest.

The intuitive interface and powerful search tools ensure it’s simple to find the information that you need while our world-class security standards ensure your content is secure from data breaches.



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Secure sharing

Every attachment you send via email is a potentially damaging security breach. Engage allows you to securely share files via links rather than attachments. Granular access permissions keep you in control of what each user can view. You can even restrict the ability to download or print documents and add dynamic watermarks to prevent unwanted sharing.


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Content tracking and audit

Our sophisticated content tracking ensures you are notified each time someone opens the information you’ve shared including how much time they spent reading each page. This allows you to concentrate on the people who are most interested. Interactive dashboards help you to analyse all shared content and report on interactions.

An audit trail and version history are automatically captured to help you comply with regulations, which is essential for M&A or fundraising.



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Q&A chat function

Engage helps you to manage client, investor, and employee questions more efficiently. Receive instant notifications when new questions are raised. Respond individually or share answers to common questions with multiple users.


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Task management

Keep track of interactions such as Q&A conversations, requests for more information, or a call-back via a simple tasks dashboard. Assign tasks to your team to respond quickly and manage workload more effectively.


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