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Engage data rooms offer the highest standards of security with data encrypted in transit and at rest. It’s hosted in world-class data centres that are ISO 27001 certified with appropriate SOC audit reports.

Multi-Factor Authentication is included as standard and flexible user permissions ensure you control the resources and access levels available to each user.

Sending attachments by email or using commercial file sharing sites puts your business at risk of data leaks and security breaches. Engage data rooms allow you to securely share any content via links rather than attachments and include industry-leading security standards that aren’t available using commercial file-sharing sites.

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Granular access permissions give you control of what content can be viewed, downloaded or printed.

Multi-factor authentication and content watermarking come as standards to help prevent unwanted sharing.

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Manually saving a version history and audit trail of all documents and interactions with clients and investors is time-consuming and prone to human error.

Do you want to take the risk of exposing your business to regulatory failings and legal proceedings because of a lack of corporate governance?

The intelligent tracking features within Engage automate the audit trails and version history of all shared content, saving you time and helping you to comply with regulations to reduce your risk.

Detailed analytics and reporting dashboards allow you to evidence all interactions if you are audited.


Engage data room compliance

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Have you missed sales opportunities and lost revenue because of a lack of insights into your clients’ and investors’ interests and activities?

Engage will help you identify sales opportunities, ensuring you are notified each time someone opens the information you’ve shared.

The reporting dashboard allows you to monitor all shared content and analyse how much time they spent reading each page. This allows you to focus on the people who are most interested in your products and services.


Engage Data Room Sales Opportunities

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Using many different distribution channels (email, Dropbox, Google Drive) makes it difficult for administrators, investors, clients, and employees to find content.

Engage provides one central, structured data room platform where all items can be easily searched and found via an intuitive interface. This gives you visibility of all content securely shared within your business and with third parties. It also gives your investors and clients quick access to all the information they need.


Engage Data Room Documents

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It’s time-consuming for administrators manually saving audit trails to meet regulatory requirements and responding individually to investor questions.

Free your team of the administrative burden by automating audit trails and version history when sharing content with investors, clients, and employees.

Share answers to common questions with multiple users rather than having to respond individually.


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