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Marketing Solutions: 4 Ways to Make Your Presentations More Interesting

December 2022

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Preparing a presentation? Whether you’ll be presenting to your colleagues, prospective clients, or an audience at a conference, it’s vital that what you’re presenting is as engaging as possible. So, how can you avoid the yawn-inducing slideshow? In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing all the best ways you can make your presentations more interesting via marketing solutions. 


Graphs and Charts

One of the essential elements of any effective presentation is the visuals. Graphs and charts can be a great way to convey important information to your audience- but not if they’re hard to interpret. 

Some infographics are more appealing than others. If you can, say, animate certain charts, they’ll likely be far more engaging. If you’re displaying a graph or chart that’s fairly complex, you may want to isolate only the most vital elements. If it was a pie chart, for example, highlight one slice of that chart so the audience will hone in on it.


Eye-catching Theme

Without a striking background theme, your audience may very well tune out, regardless of how valuable the information you’re conveying might be. They’ll have their eyes on your theme for the entire presentation, so there’s a lot to consider, especially if you’re using an image for the background. Is there enough negative space to fit the text? Could the image clash with other images throughout the presentation? 

Whether there are company-specific themes or not, you should also ensure that your business’s logo, colours, and other assets are featured. You’re not just representing yourself, remember; you’re representing your brand.


Plan with Your Audience in Mind

Preparing a presentation? There are a number of things you should be considering first. Ask yourself: who is this presentation targeted towards, and how much relevant knowledge will they have going into it? This will help you decide the amount of background information you’ll need to include before getting to the crux of your presentation.

What’s the most important information you’ll be conveying in the presentation? Your audience doesn’t have all day. Just because all the content in your presentation might be interesting to you, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll all be interesting to your audience. 

There are a number of ways you can go about answering these questions prior to your presentation. For example, if you’re speaking at a conference, look into who the other speakers are, and what the demographic is. Will the audience be made up of industry professionals, or members of the public with little prior knowledge?

It’s important to provide the impression that you planned the presentation specifically for the audience. 


Use Visuals

A poorly structured presentation is a surefire way to bore or distract your audience, and otherwise, impede their learning. Presentations are a visual medium; the audience didn’t come to simply read from a screen. The audience came to listen to whatever important information you’d like to get across, and the best way to get it across is through visuals.


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