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The benefits of a virtual HR portal

July 2023

HR blog

Human Resources (HR) management is an integral part of every company, regardless of its size. HR covers a variety of critical corporate functions that help companies meet the challenges of their business environments and significantly influence their corporate cultures.

HR departments create and disseminate a vast range of complex documents, many of which are highly confidential. Creating documents often requires collaboration between multiple HR team members. Documents such as company policy and training handbooks are for departmental or company-wide attention; other documents contain sensitive material pertaining to individual employees, such as salary or conflict resolution information.

Companies increasingly see the value of HR Portals as a highly efficient and secure space to create, store, share and exchange confidential information. An HR Portal using Data Room technology can be used for multiple business processes, including sales, corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Here we consider some of the key benefits of using an HR Portal.


How a Virtual HR Portal helps HR management

The advantages of using an HR Portal for document management processes include the following:

Collaboration: HR team members can easily and quickly create, edit, modify, and upload documents into the Portal, where individuals or multiple employees can access them. Workspaces can be set up within the Portal and task management tools help team members to progress projects.

Organisation: Documents can be organised within a Portal to a company’s requirements, with secure demarcation between specific areas such as payroll, training, recruitment, appraisal, onboarding, and workforce management. Data Room technology facilitates easy navigation and searching for information, and users can be alerted when a document has been added, amended or replaced.

Communication: Permissions protocols enable confidential information to be securely shared and exchanged with multiple employees and external parties, while keeping them away from other restricted areas. Authorised users can access the Portal at any time and from anywhere. HR teams can set up Q&A sections for frequently asked questions and alerts for team members to respond to more specific questions. Spaces can be opened within the Portal for group and individual information-sharing, presentations, and discussions.

Security: The high level of security provided by Data Room technology protects confidential information from the risk of cybercrime and unwanted intrusion and malevolence from outside and within the company. Unauthorised downloading, forwarding and copying of information is prevented. Granular permissions protocols prevent unauthorised access to the Portal and restrict the documents each user can view to those designated by HR. Data Room security infrastructure removes the risk of sharing confidential information via unsafe generic file sharing services, emails or texts.

Tracking: Monitoring and recording tools enable the HR team to see who has accessed the HR Portal, which documents they looked at and for how long they looked at them. This gives HR teams valuable insight into whether individual employees have properly engaged with critical corporate information, such as legislative or company policy changes.

Compliance: Version control and audit trails of all shared content ensure compliance with legislative, company and regulatory authority requirements.


Adding Value

There are several further ways in which an HR Portal provides value. The ability to access the Portal remotely is ideal for companies with multiple offices and home-based workforces. Outsourced consultants can contribute to HR resources within set restrictions. A Portal’s efficiency and storage capacity minimises distribution and administration time and costs. Of great importance is the enhanced user experience provided by an HR Portal, which augments and improves individual employees’ engagement and understanding of critical HR issues.


If you would like to see how Perivan’s Data Room, Engage, can provide an HR Portal to help you manage your multiple HR functions, please get in touch with the Perivan team to arrange a demo and answer your questions.




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