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What are the benefits of on-demand marketing software

September 2020

Brochures…flyers…new business pitch documents and proposals…on-brand presentations…not to mention other business documents and stationery. Every business produces a vast array of collateral – and keeping track of it all can be a bit of a nightmare.

  • How do you make sure it’s all on brand?
  • Can you be confident that it’s had the required approvals, from the business and your Compliance team?
  • Are you able to prevent people from‘ going off-piste’ and creating their own versions of existing collateral?
  • Do huge numbers of documents get printed, only to sit in cupboards unused?
  • Is time wasted through the recreation of existing documents, because digital asset management is poor?


Streamlining marketing document management

All of the above probably sounds familiar to many Marketing teams. So it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of businesses are turning to marketing automation software to help manage, streamline and bring rigour to their marketing material artwork and creation.

But the world of marketing solutions can be complex and confusing – when people talk about marketing automation, they could be referring to content scheduling tools, like Hootsuite or Hubspot, email and contact management solutions like Eloqua or Mailchimp, or marketing workflow tools that enable you to project manage and deliver marketing creative. Here, we’re going to look at the last category – software solutions that help you to create and manage on-brand, compliant marketing collateral in a more efficient way.


Make use of software to better manage your marketing and communication materials

On-demand marketing software can deliver significant benefits to time-pressed Marketing teams.
Using a secure online platform to host, update and store your collateral can:

  • Streamline your campaign management, with all marketing materials planned, reviewed, approved and stored in one online platform
  • Significantly speed up the collateral production process, with version control improved and duplication and rework minimised
  • Give swift access to on-brand presentation templates and the latest corporate data, reducing the risk of off-brand design or non-compliant content
  • Make review and approval processes smoother and quicker via collaborative reviewing tools
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory breaches via mandated sign-off processes and inbuilt compliant record-keeping
  • Minimise Marketing team admin, so you can focus on the creative side of your role
  • Make it far easier for sales teams to find compliant and professional content for pitches, RFPs and presentations – so they can respond faster to tenders
  • Reduce the need for labour-intensive and paper-based processes
  • Save money through reduced design and print fees; easily access and update existing documents to avoid re-inventing the wheel, and print only what you need, when you need it

As a result, Marketing and Sales team productivity and efficiency is increased, brand consistency is enhanced and regulatory compliance is strengthened. Project management is simplified, with clear oversight of live projects – and costs are reduced, with access to artwork and print-on-demand.

Want to find out more about how on-demand marketing software could benefit your Marketing team? You can read more about Enable, Perivan’s online agile artwork creation, brand management and smart template software solution, on our website.


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