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EnSilica publish their inaugural Annual Report

November 2022



EnSilica was established in 2001 and is a designer and supplier of mixed-signal Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (“ASICs”). ASICs are integrated circuits or semiconductor chips developed for a particular use or product rather than for general-purpose usage.

ASICs help differentiate products through optimised hardware, thereby making products smaller, faster, lower power and/or more secure and can provide novel functionality, improve supply chain security and protect products from being copied. The Company has expertise in designing complex mixed-signal ASICs, which combine digital and analogue functions onto a single chip.

EnSilica provides an end-to-end service for the design and supply of ASICs, outsourcing certain elements of the manufacturing and packaging to third parties – otherwise known as a Fabless Semiconductor Model.

EnSilica’s customers range from global corporations and original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) to technology start-ups, including automotive Tier 1 suppliers, industrial enterprises, large software companies and service providers developing proprietary hardware. EnSilica is an approved supplier to some of the world’s largest automotive and industrial OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

The Company’s main country of operation is the UK, with additional design centres in India and Brazil.


Inaugural Annual Report


Having helped EnSilica with their admission document when they floated on AIM in May this year, the Perivan shareholder communications team was delighted to be appointed to design and produce the inaugural Annual Report.

To view the full annual report, click here.

Perivan specialise in producing and publishing financial documents relating to shareholder and investor communications for quoted companies, private companies, and open and closed-ended funds.

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