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Hydrogen Utopia publish their inaugural Annual Report

July 2022

Hydrogen Utopia


Hydrogen Utopia address the major environmental threat posed by waste plastic by turning non-recyclable waste plastic into alternative energy sources such as hydrogen and electricity that are not dependent upon the use of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal.

Their primary mission is to accelerate the development of a circular and net-zero carbon economy in Europe and are aiming to become a leading European specialist in turning non-recyclable mixed waste plastic into carbon-free fuels, new materials or distributed renewable heat. Activities will range across the full value chain, from the production of energy from non-recyclable mixed waste plastic for local communities to the sale of syngas, hydrogen, electricity and heat to end customers.

They are working closely with Powerhouse Energy Group PLC to create a project pipeline of Hydrogen Utopia plants incorporating Powerhouse’s DMG® technology on the European Continent and identifying opportunities across several industry verticals and intend in due course to expand into other non-European jurisdictions (excluding the UK).

Their facilities use non-recyclable mixed waste plastic as feedstock and turn it into a synthetic gas (syngas) from which new products such as hydrogen and other gases, electricity and distributed heat can be produced.

The Company was admitted to the Access segment of AQSE in January 2022 following successful fundraising.

Inaugural Annual Report

The Perivan shareholder communications team was delighted to be appointed to produce the inaugural Annual Report which was successfully completed and published on 1st July 2022.

To view the full annual report, click here.

Perivan specialise in producing and publishing financial documents relating to shareholder and investor communications for quoted companies, private companies, and open and closed-ended funds.


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