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Intuitive Investments Group publish their inaugural Annual Report

December 2021


Intuitive Investments Group seeks to provide investors with exposure to a portfolio of investments concentrating on fast growing and/or high potential life sciences businesses operating predominantly in the UK, continental Europe and the US.

The Board and the investment team have vast experience in working with, investing in, and providing meaningful exits for, life science companies. There are few situations that the team have not collectively experienced and dealt with. This collective experience covers hands-on board-level management, finance, commercialisation, research and development and operations, in addition to corporate finance activities across numerous investment rounds requiring managing every type of investor in both private companies and public markets.

The Board and Advisory Panel have the requisite skills to determine viable and investable life science companies that have the chance to grow and ultimately, create value by improving human health.

Having previously worked with Intuitive Investments Group and their Nominated Adviser Strand Hanson with the production of their admission document when they floated on AIM in December last year, the Perivan shareholder communications team were delighted to help them with a further stage of their corporate journey by designing and producing their inaugural annual report which was successfully published on 6th December 2021.

To view the full Annual Report, click here

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