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Perivan attend the London Stock Exchange Annual Investment Funds Conference 2024

April 2024


The event was organised and hosted by the London Stock Exchange (LSE), in partnership with Jefferies, Institutional Investor, Travers Smith, KPMG, JTC, TB Cardew and Guernsey Finance, and took place on Friday 19th April 2024.

Proceedings commenced with welcome remarks by Katya Gorbatiouk, Head of Investment Funds, LSE, followed by a keynote speech delivered by Peter Harrison, Group Chief Executive of Schroders, with opening remarks from Julia Hoggett, CEO of the LSE.

Capital markets are an engine of economic security, innovation, growth and employment. For listed investment companies, 2024 presents an opportunity to reassert their role within international capital markets.

The sector has coalesced behind crucial reforms to ensure it can deliver capital to strategic sectors of the economy – whether accelerating energy transition, building new infrastructure or financing innovative private companies.


The following topics at front of mind for industry participants were discussed:

  • What are the macro and sector-specific drivers of institutional allocations in listed funds?
  • What are the untapped sources of global capital for new and existing strategies?
  • What is the current and future landscape for alternative asset strategies, as well as specialist equities?
  • How is the market reshaping with the focus on scale, liquidity and shareholder value


Phil Austen – Sales Director at Perivan


Perivan enjoy a long-standing reputation in the market of producing annual reports for Investment Companies.

We have grown our market share to 14% of annual reports for members of the Association of Investment Companies (AIC), the trade body for closed-ended investment companies which makes us the leader in this sector.

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