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Perivan executes successful direct mail campaign for World Cancer Research Fund's Legacy Team

March 2024


World Cancer Research Fund examines how diet, weight and physical activity affect the risk of developing and surviving cancer. While society continues to search for a cure, World Cancer Research Fund’s prevention and survival work is helping people to live longer, happier and healthier lives – free from the devastating effects of cancer.

As part of an international network of charities, they have been funding life-saving research, influencing global public health policy and educating the public since 1982. They champion the latest scientific research from around the world on cancer prevention.

In 2022, The Lancet, a major medical journal, said prevention is our best hope of reducing the global burden of cancer – a ringing endorsement of all that World Cancer Research Fund are trying to achieve. Thanks to their amazing supporters, they have invested more than £140m in cancer prevention and survival research.


Personalised Direct Mail Campaign

The Perivan Marketing Services Team recently completed a targeted direct mailing campaign for the legacy team at World Cancer Research Fund.

The campaign involved sending personalized letters in custom-designed envelopes along with branded packs of Forget-me-Not seeds to 10,000 recipients.

Additionally, follow-up packs were mailed to address social media responses as needed. This thoughtful and innovative approach not only engaged the recipients but also helped raise awareness for the cause supported by World Cancer Research Fund.

The campaign’s success highlights the power of personalized marketing strategies in making a meaningful impact.


Perivan provides a full Direct Mail marketing consultative and management service, including creative design and print, fulfilment and mailing management. If you would like to see how Perivan can help with your Direct Mail campaigns, contact the Perivan team who can discuss your requirements with you.

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