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Perivan welcomes Versarien PLC to our Annual Report portfolio

February 2023

Versarien Annual Report Cover


Versarien utilise proprietary materials technology to create innovative engineering solutions that are capable of having game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.

Founded in 2010, they have continued to develop advanced materials and processes to satisfy customer-specific applications whilst expanding our portfolio of intellectual property through acquisition.

Their product offerings are capable of having a game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.


Annual Report

The Perivan shareholder communications team was delighted to be appointed to design and produce the latest Annual Report, which was successfully published and posted to shareholders on 28th February 2023.

To view the full Annual Report, click here.


Perivan specialise in producing and publishing financial documents relating to shareholder and investor communications for quoted companies, private companies, and open and closed-ended funds.

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