Brand Deployment – White paper

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So, you’ve created a new brand. Or, you need to re-invigorate an existing one, with a relaunch and reinforcement of your brand style and purpose.

Where do you start?

How do you ensure that your shiny new brand permeates everything your company does – not just in terms of your logo and visual media, but across the board, from your office space to your tone of voice and your corporate behaviours?


This free white paper covers the secrets to successful brand deployment


Key Highlights:

  1. What do you need to consider when deploying a new brand
  2. Existing brands come with challenges too
  3. 5 steps to a successful brand deployment
  4. How to use smart template marketing software to support brand deployment


Download the white paper below

“This was a logo refresh project that evolved into a full rebrand. The entire project was completed in a couple of months, and was the start of a successful ongoing partnership with Perivan. They just seem to ‘get us’; on the rebrand, they were amazing, coming up with lots of options and getting it right first time, almost every time – which anyone who works with marketing clients will know is almost unheard of! I had an idea and they made it real. Perivan made the whole process very easy – we’re a good match.”

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