Mergers & Acquisitions

The production of the documentation for listed company Mergers & Acquisitions can be complex. In addition to the main Offer or Scheme document, there are other ancillary documents requiring shareholder attention which need meticulous and timely logistical project management.

Having helped with over 40% of all UK public M&A transactions in 2023, our team have gained unrivalled expertise. They will be on hand throughout the entirety of your transaction to help navigate and manage the intricacies of personalisation, data management and fulfilment by direct collaboration with the Registrars. Having recently worked with all the primary Registrars, we have built a comprehensive template library of the individual forms and proxy cards required, which will simplify and accelerate the whole process without the need to start from scratch.

With by far the largest financial document creation resource in the UK, which includes teams who specialise in typesetting, artworking and design, we are able to turn time-critical documents quickly, accurately and securely.

We believe we do things better in terms of quality, service and pricing integrity, and a pure testament to this is what our customers think.
As the market leader for IPO admissions, Perivan have been trusted to produce around 40% year-on-year.

As an extension to these services, we also provide additional investor and shareholder communications for corporate access, which features our data room Engage, plus our Design and Annual Report creation, production and publishing services.


A selection of our recent M&A transactions

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